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Birkbeck College Digital Culture. This video provides an intro to digital culture.

Digital News is an online magazine: and a research project. You heard in the video about why digital culture was relevant? By using this blogs tools anyone can engange on digital platforms about the impact and changing behavior patterns as new digital technologies and advancements . There are still gaps in the knowledge about machine interaction and learning.

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to provide valuable information to my readers and how machines have become an integral part of our normal lives. April 7, 2020.

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If you are interested to know about how digital experiences are shaping our lives and in every sector of our mind. Then you have stumbled on the right page. This blog provides an introduction to digital culture master of digital communications and culture. Master of digital humanities and public culture.

As YOU read through the chapters the scientific thinking comes through critical engagement and information . In order to acquire a scientific mindset the machine and human mind interaction – requires a shift in the brain.

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POST 1, March 26th, 2015 

What is Digital Culture?

The 21st century is data-driven, because of technological and socio-cultural advancements in our society?

What this blog will try to explore whether the socio-cultural-economic advancements are being driven by technology

or it’s the other way around?

This question brings up another issue: whether it is necessary, in a data-driven society, to know about how things work? 

If you are a novice like me, then the ability to integrate the knowledge about  codes, data, and procedural thinking in our daily lives may be an intriguing and daunting task.

Previously, technology would have been a barrier for certain audiences but digital culture is pervasive and we are all part of it. In any case, the general interest, in technology has become much greater :

Hence this blog will target a wider general audience. It will attempt to explore contemporary theories related to digital cultures.

If we become aware of the- self  – as interacting with virtual and physical artifacts in our environment then it can open up our imaginations.

This added to the passion for technology can lead to forward-thinking and innovation between the machine and human mind interaction.

The broader impact of digital cultures 

on an interconnected global society is through international film festivals, media reporting, architecture and design, digital maps, and GPS locations.

Therefore, the latest iPhone, Samsung new phone, smartphones, best phone under 10000 rely on machine-human interaction digital experience in the digital age

Here I present a interview with students studying for a Masters at Birkbeck College in April 2015.   The module was taught by Dr Joel Mckim.

What is our experience like ? Tell us more about how your experience is going? How is the digital experience impacting you at a personal level? Your geo location and enviorment?

Academic author and contributor to The Digital News