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Humanless, contactless society

The rise in the age of data technology,  digital coding,  interfaces and internet has changed the way we go about communicating and creativity talent for ever. .The impact of this new technology while travelling on London Transport trains,  visiting art galleries, walking around the streets of Bloomsbury and Westminster. Infact, machines have penetrated in all walks of life . Everywhere, the technology was around in the form of gadgets, laptops, mobile phones and cameras. When u visualize the digital world a united world – and the overpowering increasing capacity of machines. It led me to the digital footsteps of ” THE NEW WORLD ORDER.”


The DIGITAL NEWS magazine supports the fight against alcholism. ONYB ltd,  is a non party organization dedicated to protecting the health of the community and working to make an alcohol free society, You can take the challenge right here by pressing the link. 
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