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Artificial intelligence proponents are going to prove that soon computers will be doing everything that a human mind can do. Inexplicable cosmology quantum physics and atheism. The mutation of time. Time travel. Doctor Who. The Dalek’s masterplan to the quantum fluctuations. Digital religion social media and culture perspectives practices in the future. Is the definition of digital culture hidden in the values we hold.

The physical and mathematical ideas – from Turing machines, algorithms and the Chinese room, via quantum mechanics, cosmology and relativity to the structure of the brain, inspiration and consciousness itself are going to be reframed.

In this chapter, I unravel a few of the limitations to the mind theory and propose that machines will have a far outreaching effect in the future than we believe is possible.

Digital culture is a relative process. WE believe in curve time machines in space-time. Right now the planet Earth is engulfed in a time bomb situation.

Interstellar, the film explained how time was warped in space. Our history shows that the everchanging design of the cosmos and the planet earth are relative- which means we cannot push the clocks back once the time dimensions are on the roll. Have you ever thought about Digital Culture as an extension of time-space and views on religion?

How is time-machine and religion-related?

Brace yourself for a fascinating trip through dimensions of space and time higher than our own.

You’ll discover how quantum physics and string theory have opened our eyes to the possibilities of quantum foam, the multiverse, and antimatter.

When I heard Professor Tyson’s lecture,  I developed my understanding of the fate of the universe (including the collision of galaxies, the burning out of stars, and the decay of orbits into black holes).

But, I was still left wondering about the significance of the machines and digital culture in the cosmos plan design. How did it fit in?

August 1st, 2020 The Global Experiment – Corona Virus – Start listening to Science

The Grand Design of the Cosmos

While Quantum Physics researchers and scientists had varying points on their thoughts about religion and atheism in literature.

Where did they stand in their own belief?   I tried to develop my understanding, about matter and mind, and having analyzed two leading scientists. Neil deGrasse Tyson, Professor at Columbia University, and a Professor at Harvard University lecture. There was no explanation as such, but more questions.  I now questioned how philosophy science and spirituality could lead us to the grand design of the universe sooner or later?

After all, the machines, have no spirit and no soul so how the future might be led which made me divulge deeper into the topics of religion and spirituality. This topic is most relevant today because technological advancement has outstripped our learning experiences as the human race.  


Freedom of Religon

TROY, New York – Jesuit Brother Guy Consolmagno, Director of the Vatican Observatory, told a crowd at a Troy Catholic Church that “the study of the universe was an act of worship.” So, religion and understanding of the cosmos were intertwined for a human being, anyway.

Religon, and digital cultures manifest in different ways in different countries. Religon is time bound and changes as the discoveries of space travel take us away to fartherest destinations.

The cosmic design, the electro magnetic rays and quantum foam restore faith to the our planet. No matter how much we struggle on earth – only good will prevail. Why do you think we feel this way? We feel this way, because there is god particle in each and every creature on earth.

Trees, breathe. Volcanoes errupt, Wind changes direction, Earthquakes change the topography and Oceans have tides. There is a force in every creature.


He cited Psalm 139, “O Lord, you have searched me and you know me,” and added: “There are places in the universe we haven’t set foot on yet, and maybe we won’t,” but they are “as much a part of God’s creation” as the earth.

“God is bigger than just what we see around here,” Consolmagno said.

Attendees, were visibly moved by the photos he shared of planetary landscapes, moon craters, stars and galaxies. He was quick to note that none of the images were artist’s renderings; close-up photos showed places “we have visited with our machinery and left our footprints.”

At this point I could make the connections about computer machines and digital life. The astroscientists have catured the cosmos with machines, telescopes and gadgets – the significance are the future ! As it is the machines that brought us closer to the cosmos and space. Close your eyes and imagine satellites, machines in Space from China, Russia US. Germany & so on. The Universe by ununited earthlings will have to unite as ONE when Aliens will come and believe you me the giant planet is truly in for a big surprise.

Mars and Rover exploration

The astronomer emphasized the need to see other heavenly bodies at specific places in outer space. He shared a clip from a panel discussion televised on C-SPAN after a Mars rover landing in which a mission team member described his awe at seeing photos of the red Martian landscape.

I was reading this extract from an article  published in the Crusx Magazine.

The headline read : Study of the universe ‘an act of worship’, Vatican astronomer says. The reporter from Catholic News Services Kate Blain  published an article on March 15, 2018. The pendelum of time was moving.

Initially, I  noticed that there was a connection between Religion and Science, 2000 years ago  or were we now at the crossroads where these two blocks were obstructing the growth of the human mind and expansion of  knowledge. Let us go back 2000 years ago when mind and matter exploration began for the first time – with Buddha.

Buddha and Time Dimension

Even, Buddha became the enlightened soul, as he surpassed the limitations of the mind. Buddhism, is about practising -a skill as, opposed to reading literlature.


With all due respect, calling something “literature” doesn’t infer “excellent literature.” I think I may have  missed the point. For me useful learning happened when I subsequently questioned myself :  Do mythical beings and tales of heroism preclude something from being excellent literature? To the contrary, many books considered to be excellent literature have precisely these qualities.

Homer, Virgil, more modern writers like C.S. Lewis and Tolkien, etc etc. I have now begun to realize that  If  an author’s work is  presented as fiction, then there’s no problem. The problem is, people want to use their religious scriptures of choice to justify their morals, their prejudices, and their hated.

religion torah digital culture digital life
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Too many people have killed and died based upon their fervent beliefs in religious writings, whether it be The Bible, The Torah, the Talmud, the Quran, or the Book of Mormon. The case in point as to why  many of the classical epics aren’t presented as fiction either. And in the defense of the Biblical authors, they had no way of knowing that people would use their books to deny science, persecute people, and so on.

Losing my religon?

Myths, facts and fiction

But aside from all of that, the Bible can still be appreciated as literature. If tomorrow somebody uses the works of William Shakespeare for example  to deny science and persecute non-Shakespereans, we wouldn’t find this as a reason to stop appreciating the works themselves.

Alternatively, people’s strong religious mindsets for admiring tales of talking snakes, talking donkeys, an old man who built a ship atop a mountain, and a talking-burning bush as great literary works, then go for it! I will! I also enjoy other ancient Near Eastern myths. The Babylonian and Canaanite texts are equally fascinating. 

Whether literature is fictional or not is  debatable! The fact remains that The stories pretty much inspired Game of Thrones  And most modern western story telling in one way or another. In fact even science fiction films visions, brain storms and ideas of genius creativity for deep thinking individuals transpired through religious beliefs.

This caption  reminds that the book of Revelation balances out the all forgiving Jesus to remind us of judgement.

Can’t have justice without judgement. 

That’s assuming if one takes it literally. It’s much more likely it was allegorical. There are theologians who think John was referring to the fall of the Roman Empire. 

 One must take into consideration  that if you’re an atheist you’re supposed to hate everything about the Bible? No appreciation of the writings or characters is allowed because we’re critical thinkers, damn it!Some riveting stories, time-honored wisdom, and generally good life advice, even if you don’t believe the supernatural stuff. 

 As some would arue that the bible  is MORE than literature. It is the presumptive history of a time!It becomes difficult to fathom, that a document as large and detailed as the Bible, hasn’t been corrupted by kings and Pope’s. As like Popes and priests consider themselves as God’s themselves. THe absolute nerve of them. interesting literature, cultural artifact… King James version has a certain poetic cadence. From an Athesist standpoint some would argue that the bible is horribly written, plagued by fallacies and is translated from English to idiot English. T o even more idiot English but still makes no fucking sense ,  for fucks sake bibles you buy in stores don’t even include the Apocrypha which is the only part of the book that’s decently written.

Some of our most important discoveries have been made by taking things literally.

Cosmolgy – has nothing to do with god!Or has it?

Since, I was not certain about religion. I then came across another article : Here’s Why Stephen Hawking Says There Is No God.    Stephen Hawking believed that there is a “grand design” to the universe, but that it has nothing to do with god.

With continual breakthroughs, science is coming even closer to “The Theory of Everything,” and when it does, Hawking believes all of us will be able to understand and benefit from this grand design.

Let’s pick the brain of the late Stephen Hawking, one of the most unique minds to contribute to science and a lifelong learning was himself an atheist, he proclaimed.


This knowledge is essential for me as a digital culture practioner. I am not yet certain about the existence of god. To me, my laptop and my mobile are the most divine instruments I posess. Machines, are becoming central in our universe. The laws of nature are higher than the limitations of religon



A number of the world’s top scientists will be coming together very shortly to discuss developments in gravitational-wave astronomy. LIGO, Virgo, and 70 observatories will be represented in the National Science Foundation’s (NSF).

 Talk were due to take place on Monday, October 16, at 10:00 am EDT at the National Press Club in Washington D.C.

LIGO and Virgo collaboration reported the first joint detection of Einstein’s gravitational waves on the 14th August 2017 at 10∶30:43 UTC.

the Advanced Virgo detector and the two Advanced LIGO detectors coherently observed a transient gravitational-


Time Machine

Subsequently, I notied a connection between Doctor Who, Dalek’s and the Time Lord series entertained 7.6M british public on BBC Television. The cosmic microwave background radiation even in the soap convinced many about the Big Bang Theory.

The Mutation of Time, was another example. In the second part of the ‘Dalek’s Masterplan’, which ran on British TV until the end to of January 1966.


Doctor Who, Vicki and Steven Taylor arrive in Northumbria on the eve of the Viking and Norman invasions of England. With a mysterious Monk in the nearby monastery, this was the first time that the Doctor had encountered another Time Lord. 

When the TARDIS materialises on an apparently deserted Northumbrian beach, Steven disputes the Doctor’s claim that they have travelled back to the eleventh century.

The discovery of a modern wristwatch in a nearby forest merely reinforces his opinion.

But it is 1066, the most important date in English history, and the Doctor’s arrival has not gone unnoticed. Observing the appearance of the TARDIS is a mysterious monk who recognises the time-machine for what it is.

He knows that the Doctor poses a serious threat to his master plan – a plan which, if successful, could alter the future of the entire world.


Could we discover alien life on a Trappist-1 exo-planet? What could life on Trappist-1 e, f, or g in the habitable zone be like?

Not many theoretical physics  professor’s moonlight as film producers.  What happens when scientists produce science fiction movies. You’d hope the movie would get science right. Batman inception, Interstellar, The reverant  and  The Jurassic World film’s have portrayed science fiction films to the audiences.

Doctor Who and in adventure in space time series also uses  Cosmic Background. Explorer COBE – and Cosmic Microwave Background CMB satellites which were designed to investigate the cosmic microwave background radiation.

In addition it provided evidence of the primordial density fluctuations. That explained the rise to hydrogen, helium atoms, stars and galaxies that supports the Big Bang theory of cosmology.

(Govert Schilling, Ripples in Space-time, 2017, p171-172)


Actor, Peter Capaldi on why we need ‘Doctor Who’ now more than ever.

”kindness and intelligence and care…..I think we need heroes like that.”

(Peter Capaldi, The New York Times, 11/04/2017)

Producer,  Chris Chibnall (born 1970) is an English television writer. He is best known for his work on the science-fiction series Torchwood and the ITV detective serial Broadchurch. On 22 January 2016 it was announced that he would become the new lead writer and executive producer of Doctor Who in 2018.

Universe is bigger today than it was hundred years ago. The question is How can we merge  quantum physics with the theories of the Universe.  What happens when  the theory of the large meets the theory of the small. Our complete understanding of cosmology is based upon Einstein’s theory of Relativity. It alerts us to the nature of  space time continnum that spans the universe. The Theory of the Small is the theory of Quantum physics and the Theory of the Large is the Relativity theory. Both these theories are incompatible . Quantum theories requires that space and time be quantized.  That is what quantum theory means.    That space and time are not infinitely divisible into a  smooth  interval into smooth continnum. It actually breaks up into pieces and you can’t get pieces any smaller than that

Whereas , general relativity requires space and time be smooth. Both the theories are working within their own regimes. However, if we imagineD what was to happen if  they have to  meet each other  or if they have to operate in the same place at the same time?

Yes, such a situation existed in the universe in the early times. In the early times the universe we know is expanding.

That means yesterday, it was smaller than it was today.

if we rewind time and go back to the point where the entire universe was in the same place at the same time occupying an extremely small volume. 

 A volume small enough that it rivals the scale over which quantum physics applies. Imagine the entire universe at the size of the atom. Under those conditions what do we have? You have sa hortgun marriage between these to incompatible theories.

Something’s got to give because the large becomes the small. And what this scenario spaws are really freaky ideas    Like quantum foam with the fabric of space and time. It is less like a smooth curved fabric and more like a froth on a latte.

This is what string theorists are trying to do among other things that they are up to.In this state of matter and of energy , quantum fluctuations which are a normal part of quantum physics they can spawn entire universes.

Since the universe is a size of an atom, a quantum fluctuations births an entire universe. Each with slightly varying laws of physics from each other. And all of this unfolds in dimensions higher than our own. Now not all universe will survive. The laws of physics they have chosen for themselves. Some will recollaps before stars are born. Others will expand so fast that matter never has the chance to coalesce into galaxies and stars    .

If we just for a moment analyse how matter enters consciousness? We can assume that not all universes will survive because the laws of physics that each star has chosen for itself.

Some matter will re collapse before stars are born  other will expand so fast in the universe that matter never has the chance in coalescing into galaxies and stars. Still others are unsccumbing to laws because no matter is stable at all. If our existence on earth that allowed some of the matter within it to achieve consciousness.  It is Matter and Spirituality that  allow us to contemplate our very own existence.

For me the most useful learning happened on hearing the lecture was how the quantum fluctuations gave rise to multiple universes from within that  quantum foam.   When multiple universes were born this entity was called ” Multiverse.”If our sun is just one of countless other suns evolving in our mindset.

The sun we earthing’s see is not the brightest, dimmest, biggest or smallest it is kind of average in the universe’s grand design, because when we look at the stars in the night sky they are so small and dim because they are too far away. The myth that the sun was the only unique object in our galaxy was proved wrong  when the many planets were discovered around the sun.

Or when we discovered that Jupiter had a storm system in its atmosphere bigger than the entire planet earth. The planets we see in the night sky are not smaller or lesser than we are the fact is among planets the Earth is actually very small. So, we learnt that there was not just one earth or one sun. Having discussed I now realize that the milky way, the band of night light in the sky  is unique, I now realized that we are not the only one galaxy that comprises the universe. The hubble telescope showed that our Milky way galaxy in not one but a countless billion s of galaxies in the universe. I improved my knowledge and understanding  that the universe was not a singular despite our urges to require to be true for them.

In fact there is nothing in the universe that comes in ones and not even the universe itself.  This could explain  why living life alone is such a bad thing. So, if the universe is hyper dimensional, multiverse, then the perennial question what was around before the universe began. We began with a single quantum fluctuation among countless others The universe never makes anything in one’s not even the universe itself.   Then perhaps the multiverse from which we were born is part of a system of multiverses and that part of the system of those and so forth .

At the minutest level Spirituality is a state of mind achieved when we let EGO go.  Given that we started all this thinking that earth was something special in the center of the universe it can be quite a blow to one’s ego. If we have an ego much larger than the cosmos can justify so we take this fact and use this trend line in the history of discoveries by quantum scientists to try to have an unjustifiable large ego because in just a few decades the scientists are going to find something about the universe that puts us in place.

As scientists continue to progress in their discoveries so  our place in the universe is getting smaller and smaller in the grand design.

In the early universe we know that everything was packed into a small space and temperature was very high. And when you have high temperatures the world around you behave very differently from what goes on here on earth.

In fact  energy  is equivalent to matter you can convert them back and forth at will provided you have energy to pull it off. And when you do so you can create particles out of energy fields and energy fields out of particles. This was going on incessantly in the earth’s universe  because it was just that hot. Well, light anywhere you see in the universe is typically visible light , doesn’t have enough energy to make particles.

That’s why e equals mc squared does not manifest itself in any obvious way in everyday life. But, if  I was bathed with high energy version of visible light rays such as gamma rays. It has enough energy to spawn simultaneously. For example it can create electrons. However, there is a symmetry to this in the grand design design of the universe symmetry is a beautiful concept.   

What Prof says is that if you take light and make matter out of it , the energy from light and turn it into matter, it makes pairs of particles every time. For example, if you take an X-RAY it will make an electron and that anti matter part to the electron the proton. It will simultaneously create them and they will fly in the opposite direction.

If you bring those two particles back together they annihilate and become energy once again. The is E equals mc squared manifested, and it does this every single time in the early universe and it was a kind of equilibrium particle soup that went on back then.

Every time you make particles they come in pairs.  Every time they annihilate they disappear completely.  If that’s all that went on in the early universe as we expanded and cooled there would come a day every matter, anti matter particle annihilated, it would create light. The light would cool, wouldn’t have enough energy to make that particles again,  again and the entire universe will be just filled with light and no matter in it at all because everything was symmetric. If symmetry was preserved we would not be hear talking about it . However, in shocking disbelief something happened in the early universe and that was called symmetry breaking. As mentioned all particles get created in pairs, bit back then nature disobeyed it’s own laws.   At some point, a high energy beam of light.


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