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We rely on MOBILE phone increasingly Beyond technology children learning in the age of digital culture. Mobile phones and Machine-human interaction. The impact of radio frequency – Machine-human interaction give us an awesome digital experience. Be it the latest iPhone, smartphone, or Samsung new phone, people are always on-the-look out to get the best digital experience. There are thousands of phones to choose from, You can search for the the best phone under £100, or the best phone under £200 on search engines. People rely on mobile phones and base their purchase on the machine-human interaction for an engaging interactive experience.

How is the mobile phone machine and human mind interaction affecting you? This is the basic step, an example to testing how a digital mindset is setting in and altering our thought processes. What about nomaphobia and Cell phone addiction ?

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How is the brain function getting altered? The neurons and chemical balances keep changing with our moods.

Are we processing and disseminating information too fast and at the rate of speed of lightning. The process, however, is far from an even experience.

So, there are numerous questions under the scanner.

We are gettting alienated from one another as our communication patterns have changed.

We communicate our shopping lists, habbits , feelings through socal media platforms and emojis. However, when we go beyond the technology interface – to analyising our brain from a subjective stance for example.

The repcrussions are uneven on the human mind.

How is it each and every one of us our impacted depends upon the various factors and time of interaction the experiences differs. It varies!

How was – the digital experience for you ? What was the handset like?

Are you ready for the wider implications of digital technologies in our lives? For more information on radiation protection.


Digital Culture

This blog is about Digital Culture and it answer’s questions relating to how data-driven society’s work? it is essentially a good read for entrepreneurs, students, and anybody interested in the functions of digital societies,

Where technology machines and human mind interactions, artificial inteligence in 24/7 digital culture have become a reality and how they are affecting our daily lives?

For the first time, we are living in our own virtual digital pods and lockdown has led us beyond our expectation experiences of what it like working from home.


We are confined with our gadgets and machine-human interaction is affecting every cell of our body. I write this blog for anybody who is intersted to know more about the various topic on digital life.


Beyond technology children learning in the age of digital culture

We are carrying on mundane activities 24 hours a day , in our digital cells home environment with our desktop, ipads, mobile devices.

Anyways even the most expensive of mobile phone, have consequences.

For example if we are sitting in one place with the best phone on the market, then too the brain is getting affected, because of radiation. Here are the Mobile Safety Guidelines

Apart from, mobile phones and machine-human interactions, there are various chapters in the blog which will shed light on the digital culture lifestyle.

We have become oblivious of ourselves and our actions are a mechanical function of the brain.

Will the robots create a digitally dependent culture

Some new and innovative mindset ideas, from our affiliate partners – to add value to the blog experience for the audience. By spending more time indoors on, Netflix,  Friday night home quizzes to enjoying banana on bread or whipped coffee. Lifestyle choices and smart trendy gadgets

   As we have to endure a new lifestyle– 

And trying to make the most of a slow pace and a simpler way of life.

Let us not forget school closures and how millions of students around the globe were affected and who are getting used to the idea of a digital classroom.



The broader impact of digital cultures 

on an interconnected global society is through international film festivals, media reporting, architecture and design, digital maps, and GPS locations.

The Digital News has trotted around the globe and found gadgets you simply can’t be without in the digital age.

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